Load In!

It’s time to squeeze the Giovanni set through the sliding glass doors on the side of the German Barn and up the ramp to the stage. (My kingdom for a loading dock… or an elevator…)

And while we were at it, we had a lovely lunch with the crews of the scene and costume shops – extremely talented, generous and hard-working folks. They live where the real theatre magic happens.

Scenic Staff

Timothy D. McCormick, Technical Director

Nicholas Johnson, Assistant Technical Director / Shop Foreman

Colin Manning & Madeline Woods, Carpenters

Michael Jones, Charge Artist

Samantha Spagnola, Scenic Artist

Jocelyn A. Steiner, Props Master

Elizabeth White, Master Electrician


Costume Staff

Susan Chiang, Costume Shop Manager

Adriana Diaz, Design Assistant

Franklin Labovitz & Rachel Schuldenfrei, Drapers

Leslie Cook Day & Denise Umland, Stitchers,

Sabrina Chiang & Giorgianna Ridgway, First Hands

Marie Schneggenburger, Crafts

Leslie Cook Day, Sabrina Chiang & Nicole Johnson, Wardrobe


Fellows & Interns

Andrew Esposito & Alexander Symes, Stage Management Interns

Laura Genson, Scenic/Prop Painting Intern

Sonia Henao, Laraine Lee & Gus Redmond, Technical Theater Interns

Nicole Johnson, Costume Intern

Alison Moritz, Directing Intern

The Big Boss

Robert H. Grimes, aka B.O.B. (Bob Of the Barns) – Production Manager, Lighting Designer and All Around Great Guy :)


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