Links to Fall 2009 Aria Frequency Lists

The Aria Frequency Lists for this fall’s audition tour are found in separate blog posts:

Bass & Bass-baritone

These lists represent the frequency with which individual arias were listed in audition packages of singers in that voice type. Next week I’ll compile and post the list of arias offered as first choices in each category.

Here, in the gratitude list tradition, is my Thanksgiving week five at the end of this audition tour:

  1. 8,000 miles of safe travel.
  2. 1,000 arias that made us laugh and cry.
  3. Good health. For even though the last few weeks made me cranky, tired and fat(ter), I stayed healthy. :)
  4. Colleagues who are smart, funny, flexible and forgiving.
  5. Family. And mine is the best.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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