Let’s just say it’s filled with symbolism and things like that…


Even though we just started auditions last Friday, we’re taking this week off. I’m staying in town for personal reasons – I’m in charge of the pit band for my son’s high school production of Urinetown, the Musical. We’re one of the first high schools in the country to get the rights to this tremendously witty show. Two parts Threepenny Opera, one part Les Mis parody, with Busby Berkeley, The Perils of Pauline, and Superman thrown in for good measure. Tough show, but perfect for high school in a lot of ways. Socio-political commentary with potty humor.

The Midwest

We finished all of the application screening. Unfortunately, it didn’t get much easier. Cincinnati had 70 applications. Is this huge increase for the Midwest cities a trend? A fluke?

Otherwise, got very little opera done. Work day filled with meetings and other glamorous artistic administration stuff – chamber music series programming, summer calendar discussions, budget negotiations.

The Shuffle

Rendered my beloved iPod temporarily useless today. Long boring story involving an external hard drive, network mapping, and software updates. I realized two things: 1) Buying the 2-year extended warranty was a brilliant idea, and 2) I’m more dependent on this silly contraption than I’d like to admit. The idea of traveling without it is unthinkable. I’ve managed to avoid most harmful vices, but I’m still an addictive personality at heart.

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