It’s Just the Beginning

This concludes an 8-part series of posts containing audition season advice submitted by Wolf Trap Opera alumni. I was astonished that within a few days of putting out a group email request, I received messages from almost 40 singers. Clearly, this business of auditioning is not easy, and generous colleagues are always eager to share what they’ve learned.

After all of the comments about strategies, performance enhancements, what to wear, and what to sing, a few people went beyond advice for the audition day. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Remember: The audition is only the beginning. It’s not easy, and neither is the career.
  • Start a separate fund or set money aside for application fees and travel costs. You won’t believe how much those add up to over time. In this business you have to put money in to get money out. This isn’t only for auditions, it’s for your whole career. The sooner you get a handle on that, the better.
  • Have a back up plan.  You never know what will happen in your life….injury, children or you just don’t want that lifestyle anymore… Know that there is something else that you can do to support yourself.

I’ll leave you with the postscript of an email that contained wise advice from a seasoned singer:

  •  I still hate auditions.

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