Hot Hot Hot!

The weather in the DMV is starting to trend towards familiar summer weather: warm and humid, with a strong chance of thunderstorms. Likewise, the calendar is starting to also trend towards the familiar , with a robust slate of performances at our Filene Center home later this week.

We’ve got a slate of Filene Artists performing on Little Lunch music for you this week: please tune into our Facebook page at noon on Tuesday for some aria fun. (And speaking of aria fun, if you haven’t voted for Aria Jukebox yet please do – the polls close on Friday!)

On Thursday we celebrate Fifty Years Together: A Celebration of Wolf Trap  the 50th anniversary of the very first concert at the Filene Center. It’s a heady thing, to be marking this anniversary – in person – as we emerge from the pandemic. We start rehearsals on Tuesday, and for one am so excited to welcome these amazingly talented women to the house that Shouse built, especially Wolf Trap Opera’s own, Christine Goerke! But perhaps I’m even more excited about marking this moment in time, a moment of celebration and reflection made all the more poignant for the trials of the last 16 months. Once we’ve had that moment, we can throw ourselves into imagining the wonderful work that will happen in the next 50 years.

On Friday and Saturday, WTO is back at the Filene Center for two nights of Sweeney Todd in Concert. Much like The Anonymous Lover, the orchestra will be onstage, the set is minimal (read: mostly nonexistent) and the singers will use the front part of the stage as their playing space. We had a run through Saturday morning, and even without all the bells and whistles (ha ha!) it was ELECTRIC. (Also, let’s talk for just a moment about the mad genius of a man who makes it easy to walk out of a rehearsal room singing snippets of a tune about canabalism! Who’d have thought?! Well played Mr. Sondheim.) Tickets are still available for this wickedly wonderful show – it’s not to be missed! You can find a short preshow lecture on the show page, and there’s more info on the story, as well as an interview with the director in our digital program on our homepage.

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