Holiday Hiatus

We weren’t terribly good about documenting this year’s audition tour, but thanks to CameraMan, we have a few images from our travels. It was a terribly dense trip – due to extenuating schedule and budget parameters – and I think we only (barely) had enough brainpower and energy for the compulsories.

The blog silence in these midwinter months is largely due to the overwhelming task of establishing the summer calendar, choosing the artists, casting the operas, making offers to artistic teams and staff, and figuring out who does what when and how to pay for it. And, until the season is announced (on February 8, 2010!), none of this is bloggable. But I’ll be back in January, and I’ll look up from my desk a bit as we catch up with what’s going on in the rest of the musical world, prepare for the big GRAMMY ceremony trip(!), check in on some of our WTOC alumni, and prepare for the next workshop of the next Musto/Campbell opera.

Till then, warm wishes for restful and joyous holidays with the ones you love – click here for our season’s greetings (make sure your sound is on). I’ll see you in 2010!

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