High risk, high reward

Lots of work being done this week to prepare for Saturday evening’s Latest Word concert. Steven Blier’s been here since Sunday, and four of our singers have been digging into 2 hours worth of the best of the song literature from the last couple of decades. Rorem, Bolcom, Corigliano, Guettel, Musto, Gordon, Moravec and more. Tough but rewarding. Two things that are scarily often directly proportional.

Interesting Sweeney audience tonight. This is the “added” performance. We had originally scheduled four, but added a fifth after those quickly sold out. As a result, most of tonight’s audience was new to us – folks who had heard we were doing Sweeney but who don’t usually come to The Barns. In the best of all possible worlds, a good opportunity for audience-building. They certainly seemed to eat it up, but will they ever come back for something more mainstream

Photo by Carol Pratt

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