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The first application deadline for the 2015 season is almost upon us: If you an interested in an audition in New York or Cincinnati, you need to submit an application by midnight on Monday, September 1. Full list of audition sites, dates and deadlines is over in the right column.

First, read all of the fine print about auditions on the Wolf Trap website.

Once you’ve read the official blurbage (see link above), read on for an informal interpretation of some of the finer points. (But seriously, read the actual info first.)

2015 Dates & Rep

We don’t know them yet. Seriously. Not joking. So don’t ask us. We’ll start sometime after Memorial Day and end by mid-August. But that’s about all we know. We will choose the operas and create the performance/rehearsal calendar during the audition tour this fall.

Which Program?

Once you’ve read the detailed description of the Filene Young Artist and Studio Artist programs, you may still wonder which one is for you. If you are not a natural fit for either demographic, it is entirely possible that you’re not in our target artist pool for either program. This does not reflect in any way on your talent or potential; it just means that we are structured to benefit two very specific points in singers’ careers, and you may not sit in either of those points right now.

Example 1: You are an incoming college freshman or sophomore, or you are just beginning to study voice. You won’t be competitive yet for our first tier, the Studio Artists.

Example 2: You are a grad student or have finished grad school but as yet have few roles under your belt, haven’t been at all active on the competition circuit and/or have done few young artist programs. You are past the reach of the Studio Artist demographic, and although you’re not disqualified from the Filene Young Artist demographic, you probably won’t be competitive. Think twice before you spend time and money applying.

Example 3: You have a grad degree, have been successful in competitions, have a number of roles under your belt, have done multiple young artist programs and are more than 2 years out of full-time school or YAP programs. You are likely beyond the reach of both programs and are ready to get out there and work.

Application Fee

Ah, the dreaded pay-to-apply controversy. Our fee ($20 Studio / $30 Filene) is an application fee, not an audition fee. I know that some of you think this is unfair, and I know the chat boards will be up in arms about this. Please do not think that we haven’t thought through this again and again and again. Bottom line: We spend the better part of a month and a half processing, downloading, reviewing and considering every application. I personally handle all FYA applications, and Lee Anne personally handles all Studio applications. If you apply and don’t get an audition, you can write us this winter (between January 15-February 15) to find out why. And we are committed to using the funds generated by our application process for the valuable audition aria statistics and the random audition season blog advice, both of which are generated for the benefit of the whole opera community.

Good Luck!

Whether or not you sing for us, we send good karma your way for this audition season. This annual repeated-multiple-job-interview thing that you guys do would stomp on the soul of mere mortals. Here’s hoping the rejection (it comes to all of us, in one form or another) is more than balanced out by artistic growth, new adventures, great opportunities and a job offer or two!

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