Here We Go Again

Audition comments are back. Mostly because blogging is taking a back seat to my actual work, on which I am woefully and almost irretrievably behind.

Photo at the left from a break during Friday’s chorus auditions, which went very well, thank you!

Comments are excerpted but unedited, randomized so that they’re anonymized. (I know that’s probably not a word, but the other day someone asked me to “calendarize” an appointment, so anything goes…)

  • This voice would speak better in another hall; it needs a little cushion
  • The instrument has more promise that most, and she’s fearless and focused, but there’s a lot of refinement to be gained
  • She’s reasonably animated when she speaks, but she goes into that “serious singer place” during the arias, though.
  • I hope and trust that she will come into her own. For that matter, that [insert name of conservatory here] is the right place for her.
  • I don’t really think Blondchen is her thing; she actually has more to offer in other areas, and others do the high E thing better
  • Is very busy during hard moments – almost totally drops characterization
  • A little stressed out by the coloratura, but managing; he’s more than a bit stuck physically, and it intensifies when he worries about the vocalism
  • One of the few times I’ve ever been convinced of this [Baby Doe’s Silver aria] as a viable piece of theatre
  • Singing this with investment and expression but without over-indulgence. Good for him.
  • I think the holes in the line are technical, and she’ll learn to fix them. So many great moments. Top is so strong. Great stage presence.
  • Gotta get rid of this recit…. it’s over 4 minutes long… Not going to have time for a second aria.
  • Getting spooked by the first aria. If you scare easily, you shouldn’t offer to start with something like this.
  • Doesn’t have the maturity to flesh out this scene, but the opulence of the voice goes a long way.
  • He communicates. Thank you. And phrases, thank you again.
  • Fix the French
  • Angular phrasing, has trouble at the end of phrases – interrupts her sound.
  • To her credit, it’s a big voice, but it’s finding precious few of these pitches
  • It’s a little of the clutch and stagger school, but it’s not pasted on… she really feels it this way
  • His body seems devoid of energy; totally disconnected from the singing in every way
  • The world needs basses, so let’s hope he keeps working hard
  • She’s trying so very very hard on every level with little payoff; it’s almost painful to watch
  • Coloratura is messy. Hard to tell if it’s the wobble or a moving note.
  • Getting totally flustered. I am not sure she is going to make it through this. Not ready for auditions.
  • Fix the German
  • Opening cadenza was kind of like jazz, and not in a good way
  • Has no clue what to do with her arms. Would benefit from seeing herself in a video.
  • Should not offer a bel canto aria in audition yet. Showcases all her shortcomings.
  • Will have to fight again his lyric tendencies; he has energy, but hasn’t figured how to really use it.
  • The top isn’t there yet, and neither is the coloratura; how hard is she willing to work?
  • Thought she’d sing the Mozart honestly, but even it is chock full of faux touches and compromises…throwing all of her eggs into the acting basket
  • Uh-oh. Old aria, bad habits. Like a different person singing… Is that his teacher at the piano? She looked directly at us during the first melisma to check our reactions.
  • Pulling off the voice a lot, scooping and swooping; language is chopped and diced the wrong way.
  • It’s a fairly mature old world approach, with significant accommodations, and a patchwork technique, but lots of heart.
  • Not a bad instrument, but everything is out of focus; the technique, the language, the style, the phrasing……
  • Some phrases very beautiful, other sag. Easy top. Nice ornaments. Can easily float and control top.
  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this voice, but she has very little to say musically, and this is such a crowded Fach.
  • Triphthong on the final E vowel.
  • Who told her that it’s OK to sing this?
  • Can’t understand a word.
  • He’s got spunk. Gotta love it.
  • Fix the Italian.

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