Having to Choose

We pulled together 14 alumni of the Wolf Trap Opera Company for the exciting anniversary concert at the Filene Center on August 24, 2011. Opera’s Greatest Hits will cover all 4 decades of the Company’s history and reach across hundreds of years of iconic opera arias and ensembles.

As luxurious as this is, my only regret is having to choose. There were so many other singers who would’ve loved to have been here, and I would have adored seeing and collaborating with them again. But alas, we had to choose a date, and that eliminated everyone who is working anywhere else in the world the last week of August. And we had to balance the program across generations, voice types, vocal Fach, and repertoire. We could do this every week for months and not run out of talent. Or goodwill, fortunately.

You see, all of the singers on this concert are donating their time, energies and considerable talents. When I came up with this crazy idea a year ago, I wasn’t sure I could convince artists and their representatives to do a benefit for the WTOC. Turns out that once word got around, I had people calling me to volunteer.

I wish the program could be twice as long, providing for even more homecomings and reminiscences. But this will have to do for now. Every else: Keep singing for another 10 years, and I’ll make a trip in from the retirement village to see you at the 50th.


Opera’s Greatest Hits
Featuring 14 Alumni of the WTOC

Wednesday, August 24 at 8pm
Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

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