Golem & Godzilla at the Opera

It’s almost here… At the charming Children’s-Theatre-in-the-Woods…. Instant Opera!

Final rehearsal was this afternoon, and Wolf Trap employees stopped by to engineer the Mad Libs-style plots. Following their suggestions, this is what happened in the world of opera this afternoon:

Golem stole Liza Minelli’s jewels.

Hillary Clinton and Godzilla had a outer space battle over sandwiches. (Two counselors at Space Camp made 400 peanut butter and blackberry sandwiches for the campers, but Godzilla ate them. Hillary called Homeland Security, made Godzilla give back the sandwiches, and banished him to the ocean.)

Buzz Lightyear and Pooh Bear tried to trade their baby for ketchup at McDonalds.

I’m sure the young folks at the TITW tomorrow won’t be offering up Liza Minelli or Hillary Clinton. But there could very well be some outer space or Pooh Bear action. No matter what, the singers from the Wolf Trap Opera Studio will improvise a crazy opera plot on the spot (is there any other kind, actually?…) and craft a world premiere short opera, to the delight of their young audience.

10:30 am, July 11 & 12!




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