From the Horses’ Mouth(s)

singing horseEnough of me writing audition season advice. (Well, not really… I will weigh in eventually…) This year you’re going to hear from those who have been there: working singers who have learned things the hard way. I’ve asked Wolf Trap Opera alumni to send me audition advice that they’d like to share with young artists, and so far I’ve heard from over 30 singers who were members of our roster over the last 20 years. I’ve compiled their comments and sorted them into the following loose categories, which reflect the content of blog posts to come over these next couple of weeks:

What (Not) To Wear: The way you look does matter.

Be Your Own CEO: Run your company and your reputation like a business.

Let It Go: Say the Serenity Prayer. Then just sing.

Life: The audition is only the beginning.

The Power of Positivity: The glass is way more than half full.

Your Aria Package: Argh… What should I sing???

Navigating the Colleague Waters: Don’t let the crazy bring you down.

Audition Day Strategies: Little things can make or break you.

Be True to Yourself: And be kind to yourself. If you won’t, who will?

Check back in for these posts, starting Monday. (Or sign up for email updates in the column at right.) I’ll also update this master post with links once the individual pages go up. Happy weekending!






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