Feel Like Talking Back?

Tonight’s recital (“Where the Boys Are”) was sold out months ago, and the capacity audience was captivated by these songs running the gamut from Sir Arthur Sullivan and William Bolcom to Joni Michell and Cy Coleman. Fears of alientating the audience with controversial material were unfounded.

Had a few post-performance conversations about the blog, oddly enough. Realized that it might be a good idea to solicit questions/comments. If you’re reading this, and you feel the urge to talk back, please do so. Anything from asking a question that’s been raised in your mind to taking issue with something I’ve said to simply telling me that you’re reading (and why you’re reading), I’d love to hear from you. Send a message to wtoc@wolftrap.org and put “Kim’s blog” in the subject line.

Saying goodbye to another 5 singers and 1 staff member tonight. Summer is indeed winding down.

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