Mixed with the excitement of company arrivals are notes of frustration and regret.

Our much-anticipated upcoming recording of Volpone is not to be. This is not the place to spin out all of the confusing and irritating details, but the American Federation of Musicians told us that there’s no nationally approved recording agreement whose conditions our company meets, and the local doesn’t have the ability to negotiate individual agreements with organizations. I know – those statements are probably not as conclusive as they sound. But it has taken us months to get to this impasse with the AFM, and I’m sure it would take us many more months to get out of it.

The bottom line is that we’ve run out of time. We had so wanted to get this terrific piece out there in circulation, and it’s tough to walk away from it. For now, the goal is to sort all of this out after the season so that when our next new fabulous operatic comedy hits the stage, we’ll be ready to capture and share it.

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