Detritus from the Trail

A random collection of things we’ve accumulated along the audition trail…

No, the Winter Mustn’t Come So Soon

Ladies, there are alternatives to the Mezzo National Anthem. Recently heard to good advantage: “I Am an Actress” (Nina’s Aria) from Pasatieri’s The Seagull, “Waiting” from Harbison’s Great Gatsby, “Don’t Say a Word” from Heggie’s Dead Man Walking, Tina’s Aria (“Sixty Years Ago”) from Argento’s The Aspern Papers.

Spellcheck Accidents

Watch out for those typos, some of which are inadvertently helped along by word processing… My recent favorite was Romeo’s aria “Slut, demeure chaste et pure.”  (In case you’re wondering, it’s “Salut, demeure chaste et pure”:))

She’s Here… She’s Over There… Where?

Many arias are not really monologues, they are dialogues with a partner who is invisible to the audition panel. If your aria is directed toward another character, please don’t let your eyes dart all over the room.

And While We’re on the Topic…

In general, please don’t sing to the floor. Or to the side wall. Or to the inside of your eyelids. We are in none of those places.

Stacey and Clinton Do Auditions

The audition fashion is really pretty strong this year. A few folks didn’t show themselves to best advantage, but there were few true disasters.We love the parade of jewel tone and print dresses. (I shroud myself in black, but you don’t have to:))

Ladies, just be sure you’re wearing foundation garments, for singing is a physical activity, and it’s easy to upstage yourself… Oh, and we love those shoes, but be sure you don’t have to hobble in them!

15 days down, 5 to go!

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