Dead Fish

Any hope for a thoughtful blog post has vanished. The day flew by at a disorienting, fragmented and chaotic rate.

The List

Established the details of Orpheus wind instrumentation. 2 recorders, 1 oboe, 1 bassoon, 1 trumpet, 1 lute. Baroque lute players are hot-house flowers. What came first? The temperament or the effects of playing an instrument that only stays in tune for 3 minutes at a time? (Sorry; please don’t flame. Just kidding.)

Started search for a small portativ organ for the Orpheus orchestra.

Established schedule of Italian and French language coaching days

Updated and verified rehearsal schedule for Romeo et Juliette concert with NSO

Collected and compiled chorister acceptances for this season. Started drafting contracts. Truly great group of singers this year.

Established Instant Opera improv coaching and rehearsal schedule. Realized anew (gulp) that I’ve committed myself to improvising in the woods again this summer.

Proofed some ads and brochures

Finished tweaking my Figaro/WTOC article. Enough already. Let it go, for godsake.

Finished intern interview process.

Worked on chamber music series subscriber recruitment

More contract drafts for designers and guest coaches

OK – sorry. That was boring. And it couldn’t have possibly filled the last 10 hours. But somehow it did.

Talent, Lifer or Mandarin?

Fun with internet quizzes – take the test here. For the record, I scored Talent: 63% / Lifer: 33% / Mandarin: 56%. I don’t think this is good.

Pisces Mortui Solum Cum Flumine Natant*

In preparation to conquer my demons in Instant Opera , I’m reading a fabulous little book: “Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up.” While predictably championing the value of living an unscripted life, author Patricia Ryan Madsen underscores the importance of charting some kind of course.

Maybe my quiz score isn’t so schizoid after all.

[*Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow]

Go Patriots!

Heading home to watch the game. Staying far away from the computer this weekend. You should too, if you can.

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