Days 60-63: Catching Up

Instead of being chagrined that I fell off the daily blogging train, I should be proud that I almost made it to day 60, right? Let’s catch you up:

Since Thursday, there have been an impromptu gospel concert…


J’nai Bridges, Frederick Ballentine, Will Liverman, Reginald Smith Jr., and Joseph Li

… closing night of the most ambitious opera we’ve ever done at The Barns…


Cast and crew of The Ghosts of Versailles

… and an inspiring day in which our Artist in Residence and her colleagues shared their expertise with our artists.


Grant Gershon, Jose Maria Condemi, Michelle DeYoung, Alfred Walker, Yvonne Gonzales Redman

As we leave our Barns operas behind, we’re trading Mozart and Corigliano for Verdi and Puccini. A varied diet is the secret of happiness, my friends.

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