Day 65: Aida at The Barns

Tonight, the Aida cast is working through the score with Maestro Daniele Callegari, aided in superb fashion by Justina Lee at the piano. (Seriously. Brava.) The voices permeate the timbers of the English Barn, and a good amount of Verdi is seeping out into the parking lot!

What an enormously exciting concert this will be. You really have to hear it, my friends. Friday night. 8:15. The big Filene Center stage. (I hear the weather is going to be beautiful, too…)

A little bit of Wolf Trap history: A colleague just mentioned that he never expected to hear Aida at The Barns, and we all chuckled. Truth is, this grand opera was once on this stage, produced by the Surry Opera Company. It happened just a few months before I came to Wolf Trap, so I didn’t witness it. But I’ve heard tell. :)  So I did an “Aida+Wolf Trap+Barns” web search and was surprised to get this result. The internet is a marvelous thing.

Tomorrow, on to the Kennedy Center for rehearsals with the NSO!

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