Day 55: Ampersand

The department referenced in my job title contains a powerful ampersand. As in “Wolf Trap Opera & Classical Programming.”

What the “&” means this weekend is that between our Friday and Sunday Ghosts of Versailles performances, I had the privilege of working with the National Symphony Orchestra on a beautiful evening of Romantic music. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (once I get past the da-da-da-duh part, I adore it:)), Sarah Chang playing Bruch’s lush First Violin Concerto (one that I understand she has been playing since she was five..) and a symphonic poem from Han River by Korean composer June Hee Lim. The evening was led by the super talented young Korean conductor Shiyeon Sung.

An evening of gorgeous music with weather to match. Now, back into The Barns with The Ghosts!


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