Day 32: Doodlissimo

It’s my day off (hallelujah!), so today’s post is of a suitably recreational nature. :)

We’ve recently learned that Coloring Isn’t Just for Kids. It can help adults combat stress. Who knew? And since the process of being a young professional opera singer in a young artist program can be stressful, we decided to strew our artists’ waiting/studying areas with colored pencils and doodles. (See some of the results above!)

The “doodle” line drawings are the creation of my colleague Lee Anne, and (upon request) she churned out a different one for each of this summer’s operas.  I still may never be talented enough to understand a scenic designer’s section plot or replicate a costume designer’s sketches, but even I (who always broke out in hives on the day of elementary school art class…) have been enjoying the meditative benefits of the colored pencils.

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