Coming Full Circle

Over the weekend, the Studio Artists had the great privilege of coaching with Nathan and Julie Gunn.

Nathan was here as a Filene Young Artist in the mid-1990’s, and Julie did a brief stint on our music staff, preparing the Genii for the 1994 production of Magic Flute. (She reminded us this weekend that the boys broke out into a fist fight on her watch:) It was wonderful to welcome them back and to see the enthusiasm with which they approached their time with these young artists.

Nathan and Julie are now on the faculty at the University of Illinois, and they truly seem to be enjoying this new aspect of their careers. They were gracious and generous, sharing all manner of advice on things vocal, professional, and personal. What it’s like to survive those first few years, how everyone gets discouraged, and how children can mix with a career. Oh, and what it was like to be on the Colbert Report.

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