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I taught an intro-to-opera class here at Wolf Trap five years ago, and I was surprised and gratified by the enthusiastic response from my “students” (many of whom were as knowledgeable as I!) I’ve been asked frequently since then if I’d teach again, and I’ve hesitated. But, for better or worse, the wait is over…

Three Monday evenings in April (15, 22 & 29), I’ll hold forth on all things operatic. What’s the difference between an aria and a cabaletta? What is a coloratura tenor? Where did opera buffa come from? How did we get from stylized and formalized bel canto to¬† free-wheeling Falstaff in the course of a single composer’s lifetime? What’s the difference between a mezzo and a contralto? Why are all of these people singing at once?!?

I adore teaching, and I am always aware of my former identity as an “Opera Outsider.” Now that I’m in the opera cult, for better or worse, I’m happy to brainwash other folks. If you’re in the DC area and would like to join us, click here for the official description and registration information.





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