Cezanne & Matisse, Meet Schubert & Sondheim

This afternoon’s Vocal Colors concert was a real treat. Beautiful modern art from The Phillips Collection paired with a most excellent range of songs. Jamie-Rose sang Wolf, Barber, Gordon and Strauss; Catherine gave us DuParc, Heggie, Sondheim and Williams (DAR:)); and Ed offered Finzi, Schubert and Faure. Oh, and Jeremy tore up the piano in Gottschalk’s Le banjo.

The whole program may be found here, the slideshow is below, and the videos will hit the YouTube channel after the artists have a chance to preview them!

Tonight: Piano Dress rehearsal for The Curious Women.  (It’s code; doesn’t mean that the piano is particularly well attired;  just means that a pianist stands in for the orchestra, and the singers wear costumes for the first time :))  Photos to follow. This is a wildly and enjoyable colorful show, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

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