Catching Up

We try to get together with Wolf Trappers in our various cities across the country during the audition tour.  Last night: The Delta Grill in New York City. A lovely gathering of folks across the last 10 years’ rosters, with a special visit by an outlier from the previous decade :)   (We sorely missed the promised debut of B3, the Wolf Trap Baby!)

We miss CameraMan’s expertise (if you’re nostalgic for his photos, don’t forget to check out his latest European escapades on the Melear-o-sphere), but Rahree’s fancy new iPhone 4 did pretty well as stand-in!

The best quote of the night referred to the unforgettable production of Bernstein’s A Quiet Place that many of us saw last night at New York City Opera. I mentioned that although I was intrigued on many levels, it was kind of hard to sleep last night. (Not a great bedtime story.)  An Unnamed Singer Friend said “Yes, thanks to Quiet Place, my emotional baggage now has music.”

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