Bourdonnement Derrière la Scène

Tonight’s Backstage Buzz artist panel yielded up quite a few secrets from its participants. Director Dan Rigazzi, French language consultant Pierre Vallet, soprano Jamie-Rose Guarrine and tenor Nathaniel Peake chatted with WTOC’s own Ryan Taylor. Topics included the challenges of putting together the jigsaw puzzle / scavenger hunt that is Tales of Hoffmann and the joys of working in French with talented and enthusiastic young singers.

Our Hoffmann moves onto the stage for technical rehearsals this weekend and opens on August 5 at The Barns, with additional performances on August 7, 11 & 13. As always, join me an hour before curtain for a glimpse inside the opera.

(Apologies for the probably bad French translation of “Backstage Buzz” in the title:))


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