BonjourHi, Montréal!

I just returned from a quick trip to the Opera America conference in beautiful Montréal. Since my stay was limited to 21 hours, it was pretty much just a lovely French-inflected operatic blur. ‘Twas a shame to turn around and come home so soon, but things are heating up here, and (as my OA colleague Laura Lee said) it was our duty to get back to the Trap and continue making the world safe for opera.

My primary reason for making the trip was to participate in planning session for the Women’s Opera Network. I’m proud to be a co-chair of this new initiative, and we’re excited about this new opportunity to connect and highlight the ladies in our field. Much more to come!

(It’s been forever since I’ve been to Montréal, but I adore its custom of greeting people with “BonjourHi!” and then adjusting the rest of the conversation to whether the response is in French or English.)

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