Be True to Yourself

Part Seven in a series of posts containing audition season advice submitted by Wolf Trap Opera alumni.

Be True to Yourself: And be kind to yourself. If you won’t, who will?

Just because you’re auditioning for a role, it doesn’t mean you have to spend that time ‘proving’ you can sing, ‘proving’ you’ve got chops… you’ve got to stay true to who you are, and some people will buy it while others don’t.

The only way to feel good about NOT getting a part, is knowing  you sang your heart out for it, and you couldn’t have performed it any better.  (I feel worse not getting a part, knowing that I personally, could have done better, prepared better, etcetera)

Be yourself and dress like a nice version of yourself. When you start doing/acting/wearing things you think you’re “supposed to” you won’t feel good about what you do and you won’t show yourself to your best.

Be true to yourself – go into an audition with a smile on your face and introduce yourself like you would to any one else you meet (you have to show that you are a real person not a robot…)

Don’t try to be anyone but yourself, and be that in spades.  Your uniqueness is what is important.

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