Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve enumerated the reasons for my online existence, one of which is to keep getting the word out there that my world (of opera, chamber music, symphony…) is a great place to be. Classical music is not “good for us” like medicine (ah, medicine, dear to my heart at this particular moment, but more on that later), rather it’s an incredible thing that can become a fascinating part of the fabric of our lives. Anyway, I choose to further the cause by writing about it, describing how it works (at least in my little corner), and demystifying it. To that end, I’m thrilled when I get new readers.

My sense of timing is a little off, though.

Both DCist and ionarts have linked to the blog this week, in connection with my upcoming concert this Friday with the fabulous bass-baritone (and Wolf Trap Opera alum) Alan Held. Normally, I’d want to dust myself off and put on my best face for new readers and new potential concert-goers. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a good couple of weeks, and although I’m back on track for a great collaboration on Friday, I’m afraid I’m not capable of blogging anything of substance just yet.

So here’s the plan. Alan travels to Virginia from his home (and his four adorable kids and beautiful wife) in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. We’re rehearsing on Wednesday and Thursday, and I promise to post after those rehearsals. If you’re coming to the concert (or if you’re not in the area, and you just want to read about it), check back in a couple of days for a detailed look on how we put it together.

For those who have asked, I’m going to be fine. Just a persistent infection that took a wrong turn. But I had some simple outpatient surgery today, and I’ll be better in no time. But I’m going into a narcotic blur as soon as the anaesthetic wears off, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for blogging in an altered state.

See you Wednesday.

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