Bastianello & Lucrezia – Monday 5/24, 7:30 pm EDT!

Two highly enjoyable performances from WTOC alumni at The Barns – streaming on the internet to a computer near you!  Go to or

Never let it be said...

A couple of months ago, Rahree and I managed to produce two semi-staged one-act operas without the benefit of our usual summertime complement of amazing colleagues.  We survived to tell the tale, and tomorrow night (Monday 5/24) you’ll have a chance to check in on the fruits of our labors. Bastianello (Musto/Campbell) and Lucrezia (Bolcom/Campbell) are gems.  Each opera clocks in under an hour, and in between the operas I have the privilege of moderating a question-and-answer period with our marvelous cast.

Last fall when I was out of the country on a brief vacation, Rahree scored big with a grant proposal.  We now have the means to stream five concerts on the internet over the next year, and this Bastianello/Lucrezia performance kicks off the series.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been cheering from the sidelines as Rahree went from booting up Final Cut Pro for the first time to uploading these edited performances to Livestream.  (Complete with subtitles!  The audience at The Barns didn’t need supertitles to understand these singers, but due to the unpredictability of computer speakers, we felt the addition of titles for the broadcast would add a lot.)

Dress rehearsal photos are here, my post-perf ramblings are here, and Anne Midgette’s review is here.  The stream includes a live text chat component, and several of the singers will be online to answer your questions.

See you there!

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