Back in a few days

I had planned to blog this afternoon but I’m too disoriented by today’s terrible events at Virginia Tech. I spent part of this past weekend on the campus of the University of Virginia (visiting my daughter), and came away with the infusion of energy and adrenaline that I always get from being surrounded by college students. It was so difficult today to hear about all of those young lives lost. And I was immediately bounced back in time to the third week of April last year when our incoming young artist Robert Samels and his colleagues were killed in a plane crash.

So far all of the Tech students that my family knows are well and accounted for. But it still hit kind of hard. As, by all rights, this kind of thing should. Makes you wonder how people in parts of the world where this kind of thing is a regular occurrence manage to get from day to day.

Opera blogging will resume later this week.

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