Back from Berlin

Images and sounds from Saturday evening’s fabulous Berlin Night Life:

“That Old Bilbao Moon”

Shopgirls’ Duet


The Wolf Trap Comedian Harmonists sing “Mein Onkel Bumba”

For more photos, the program details and some audio clips, go here. Kudos to Steve Blier and cast for a memorable evening. If you missed it, there are a few tickets left for Steve’s next extravaganza – Manhattan Diaries on August 11.

Back in Venice with Volpone

One of my favorite moments of the day is reading the stage management notes from the previous day’s rehearsal. Included are all manner of critical and useful requests for props, rehearsal costume pieces, etc. But at the end of the report we often get quotes from rehearsal.

“They’re numbered on both sides now? Whoever came up with that – brilliant!” a tenor, on the music stands with the numbers for doors & windows, which had formerly been labeled only on the onstage side. “It’s the same on both sides? I’m so confused!” a baritone, on the same music stands. :)

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