Audition Season, A to Z

overpackingTomorrow will be spent packing, in preparation for the WAS-NYP-CVG-ORD-PHL-LAX-SFO-SEA-IAH-IAD 8,000-mile/1,000-aria adventure that is the next 6 weeks.

As I get ready, I’m aware that many of you need to get your heads in the game for your own audition odysseys. To that end, here’s a look back at various bits of audition season advice and ruminations from the last ten years of the blog. Click through at your leisure. I’ll see you in a few days – notes from the road start on Saturday in New York!

(Above: Not my suitcase, sadly. No flip-flops and scuba gear on this trip. But a girl can dream.)

Blocking. Gestures. Staging.
The Compulsories
The Equation
In the Fach Box
Playing the Game (Guest post from Mr. Winograde when he was just Josh:))
Humor. Spontaneity. Energy. And lots more.
Introductions and Other Protocol.
Just Fix It: The Resume
Koloratur. Intonation. Text. (Three Soapboxes)
Stay Loose.
Where the Music Finds You. Poetry, Hums and Winnie the Pooh.
The Notebook
The Pianist: Your Partner in the Audition Room
Behind the Screen Door
The Toolkit
Expect the Unexpected
VersatilityBlessing and Curse.
X-Rated Raw Comments: What We Write
Fight Your Way Through It
Zen, Courage and Focus

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