Audition Season 2011: The Santa Fe Dilemma

A message for singers who are auditioning for us and for Santa Fe this fall:

It’s been a complicated week for many of you, I know. Because of various schedule considerations, Santa Fe Opera went on the road early this fall, and we know that the deadline for many of their offers is today.

A few of you have written to us, and I’m trying to return those messages as best I can between auditions. If you sang a callback for us, and you are in receipt of a Santa Fe offer, don’t hesitate to write ( to let us know and to ask any questions you might have.

If you haven’t sung for us yet (we’ve only done 2 of our 8 cities) and you decide to accept your Santa Fe offer, you are welcome to cancel or keep your appointment with us, as best suits your schedule. Even if you are unavailable this summer because of this scenario, we are happy to hear you to stay in touch with your development and improve our knowledge of your singing.

Good luck out there! Stay sane.


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