Ariadne Stumble-Through

Do Not Disturb the Composer.
Bitte nicht stören!

Leaning on the diva’s dressing room door

Tanzmeister & Musiklehrer

Brighella & Scaramuccio

Echo as Brunnhilde


The troupe rehearses

Instant Message

No matter how exciting it is here, it’s obviously more exciting somewhere else…

(12:16:06 PM): just doing Siegfried
(12:16:15 PM): we had 2 feet of flooding in the basement
(12:16:22 PM): but the electrics still work
(12:16:28 PM): firemen everywhere
(12:16:31 PM): pumping
(12:16:40 PM): and a bunch of really wet rich people in the house
(12:16:55 PM): we left our office through the window
(12:17:02 PM): but just were able to come back
(12:17:05 PM): quite something
(1:58:14 PM): they pumped the lower stage and we’re doing Act II

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