And…. We’re Off!

Orpheus officially kicks off on Thursday, but I’m ecstatic to have Orpheus stage management and music staff already in the building. Running a small company is great because it affords the opportunity to continue to dabble in being on the production side of the business. During the winter and spring, my inner music director and latent stage manager tendencies emerge as we do preliminary work on preparing upcoming productions. But by May, there’s nothing more satisfying than handing everything over to the true professionals.

Rehearsals began yesterday for Steven Blier’s Spanish Treasure recital (June 3). How I wish I had even a drop of Latin blood in me… This is such gorgeous stuff.


If you’ve been visiting these pages regularly (and since stats indicate about 2,000 hits a week, I guess someone is reading…), I apologize again for the pitiful showing in these last few weeks. The reasons for my inattention are numerous and boring. But we’re back, the summer season has officially started, and I encourage you to check in regularly. Posts will be shorter, but will appear every day or two. And if my philosophical ramblings aren’t to your taste, rest assured that summer affords little time for such indulgences. Summertime postings are all about getting the music to the stage. (If you haven’t surfed last season’s blog, and you have a few minutes, here it is.)

(Costume sketch for Orasia, Queen of Thrace, courtesy of designer Martin T. Lopez)

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