Always Eat the Chocolate

Total grab bag today. Things are moving very fast here (public disclosure coming soon), and there’s not much time to blog, to say the least.


“It’s not even half bad.” Coach Thomas Lausmann, about something… I can’t remember what, but it was pertinent.

“I burned the damn popcorn. Knew I should’ve just eaten the chocolate.” Me, during a particular severe bout of nervous eating.

This, from Sunday’s New York Times, a terrific article on pianist Leon Fleisher. My favorite moment, a quote highlighted in the print version: The imperative: ‘Use your fingers and your hands ‘in the service of an idea.’ The extrapolation, of course: ‘Always use your voice in the service of an idea.’

Singer of the World

Follow our friend and Wolf Trap alum Ryan McKinny during his adventures at the Cardiff competition. Check out Ryan’s bio on the official site.

Photo Shoot!

Fun today with some promotional photos of Volpone and Celia.

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