Thinking a lot about money. Waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-kind-of-thinking-about-money. We’re going into the most expensive week of our entire season, as we move into our big theatre for Figaro. So it’s good to find out …

How Much Is My Blog Worth?

I visited the Business Opportunities Weblog today, and learned that this blog is worth $6,774.48. I figure that could buy us some costumes, pay for lighting time or orchestra overtime. If you come back here next week and I’m gone, it’s because I’ve cashed in. :)


Posting tonight from Figaro rehearsal because my stage managers have shamed me into doing so. Haven’t written since Sunday. The days just all run together. Why is there so much to do?

Thank goodness the curtain has to go up. Otherwise all of this drivel would just expand until it suffocates us. Right now it’s all about the *@&$^$ supertitles.

Instead of listening to me whine, visit this great new blog by one of our singers.

A Mini-Vacation

It’s really very exciting, what with a terrific concert with Steven Blier on the horizon this weekend, and Figaro going into the theatre next week. There are tickets remaining for Four Islands (Steve’s concert on Saturday) at The Barns. Program will include:

Britten’s arrangements of songs from Moore’s Irish Melodies
L’île heureuse (Chabrier)
Youkali (Weill)
Chansons madécasses (Ravel)
Lamento cubano (Grenet)
La cleptómana (Luna)
Island in the West Indies (Duke)
Enchanted Train (Kern)
What a Movie! (Bernstein)
Manhattan Madness (Berlin)
Manhattan (Rodgers)
Steve is brilliant, and our singers respond to him in unique, surprising, and marvelous ways. Audiences are the beneficiaries of their collaboration, as well as Steve’s beautiful innate musicianship and his easy charm. I can’t think of a better place to be this Saturday evening.
See, just writing about it has made me less cranky!

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