21st Century Opera Design Process – Brought to You by Dropbox & Skype

We’re holdingĀ Giovanni and Rake’s Progress design meetings in the theatre today, and all of a sudden, it really feels as if we’re off and running. We hired our creative teams just about 10 weeks ago, and 8 weeks from now, we open.


The creative team process has changed a lot in the last few years. Thanks to Dropbox, over the last few weeks our directors and designers have shared timelines, drawings, photos and research with one another in real time. It’s no substitute for all being together in the theatre, but being able to share things digitally means that everyone arrives at the design meeting with shared knowledge.


I am alternately exhilarated and bumfuzzled by spending a day with scale drawings and sketches. As someone who entered this business from the musical side, I can transpose a horn part, draft a chorus schedule and discuss a banda with ease. But blueprints make me sweat. :)

We’re terribly excited by what we saw today, and looking forward to showing you more of it. But that’ll have to wait, for there is something of critical importance to take care of first. I shall be away for a week’s vacation – no opera, no Wolf Trap, no email, no blog. Try not to miss me too much…


Rake’s Progress scenic design and set model photos by Erhard Rom

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