1 Down, 7 To Go!

Cities, that is.

The 7-day New York stint is history.  It was a tough week, and I still have to sort out exactly why.

Our new audition digs at the DiMenna Center were amazing. Nice acoustic, enviable NYC creature comforts (clean bathrooms, ample waiting space), a warm-up room, and free WiFi. But the daily slog through Times Square/Garment District somehow sucked my soul right out of me, and the tendency to cram more than can fit into the New York week once again proved that I have no functional long-term memory.

But on a more fundamental level, I have the sense that the New York audition site has changed. I’d have to go back through our records in order to substantiate this (and, being that kind of data geek, I probably will…), but I get the sense that NYC represents a smaller percentage of our talent pool than it used to. It’s a gradual thing, over the last decade or more, but it seems to be a very different landscape. Again, this is just an instinct. (And if you auditioned for us last week and you tend to be self-critical, don’t automatically think that I’m talking about you. We did hear some fine singing; it’s just that the median level seems to have changed.)

For now, there’s more music to be heard. We’ve just landed in Chicago, about to cram three days of singing into 48 hours. Wish us luck!


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