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The Curious Music

It’s probably not a surprise that the printed music for a rare opera is just a touch hard to read… Actually, the string books are in pretty good shape, but the wind parts… well, let’s just say that conductor Gary Thor Wedow is keeping a positive outlook by reminding himself that it’s possible that these

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Bandìe xe le donne!*

Digging into an opera that hasn’t been produced in this country for 99 years is a fascinating, somewhat masochistic way to spend one’s time. But every day, this charming little-known piece is coming more and more into focus. Today brings a dilemma in fine-tuning the synopsis: What does one call this charming place where the

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2011 Season On Sale Tomorrow! (Saturday 3/12/11)

Wolf-Ferrari Le donne curiose June 17, 19 & 25 at The Barns Including a fabulous preshow chat by yours truly one hour before curtain Written near the beginning of Wolf-Ferrari’s career, The Curious Women is a charming chamber opera. We discovered it a few years ago, and I’ve been carrying around a score for a

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