The Opportunity Cost of Audition Attire “Rules”

A quick shout today to you ladies who are trying to figure out what to wear for the coming audition season. There’s some beautifully sane advice from Suzanne and Sara in this piece on Schmopera. You owe it to yourself to click through.

I’m big on opportunity cost these days, and I’m increasingly viewing the issue of audition attire through this lens. Spend just enough time and psychic energy on it to get out of your own way, avoid some common-sense mistakes (did someone say “foundation garments?”…) and feel really good about yourself. Any more resources spent on this topic begin to suck time and energy away from the important work of becoming the best artist you can be.

Coupled with this recent piece from Stacy London (formerly of What Not to Wear), this should be all you need to have a healthy and functional outlook on what to pitch in that overnight bag on the way to sing your heart out. (Stacy’s piece has special resonance for we more “mature” ladies, but the core message is ageless.)

P.S. I’m with you in solidarity today as I figure out what to put on for tonight’s gala work event. Oof. And I fume silently as my husband simply says “Is my tux back from the cleaners?”  




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