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Sweeney Live Blog: And We’re Off!

The end of the countdown happened while I was visiting dressing rooms, helping to advance the show, and delivering the preshow talk. (What a nice full house – a special shout-out to the group from Fairmont State University!) I was a miraculous night; a not perfect but beautiful show. Full of guts and humanity, shimmering
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-2

Some of our cast rose extra early this morning at the very last minute to be interviewed by NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. Their upbeat attitude after a long night of rehearsal was inspiring! Click here to watch their interview!  

Sweeney Live Blog: T-3

Friday 7/22 – 3:35 pm The Dripping Barber of Fleet Street Temp: 89.5 DEGREES! YESSSSS!!! Brief burst of rain and a 13-degree drop in temperature.  Worried about wilting at our show? Now you’ll be fresh as a daisy, especially with that lovely breeze that’s wafting through the fins and across the house. And the Demon
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-4

Friday 7/22 – 4:28 pm Trivia Temp: 102 Reviewing my notes for the pre-perf discussion. Did you know that… Hugh Wheeler (Sweeney lyricist) wrote murder mysteries under pseudonyms? (Q. Patrick and others) Hal Prince & Stephen Sondheim did 13 backer’s auditions for Sweeney and didn’t raise a penny? John Lahr of Harpers panned the Sweeney
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-5

Friday 7/22 – 3:35 pm The Dripping Barber of Fleet Street Temp: 101 Attend the tale of Sweaty Todd Who wished his show was in cool Cape Cod The heat wave on him did descend And he wished very much for the scorching to end He prayed for snow or an act of God Did
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-7

Friday 7/22 – 1:08 pm Pre-show talk moved to the shade! Temp: 101 The National Park Service Interpretive program, with whom we collaborate on our preshow talks at the Filene Center, called to ask if we wanted to cancel this evening’s preshow festivities due to the heat. “No!” says I, for I want nothing more
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-9

Friday 7/22 – 11:20 am NBC 4  Temp: 97 Ashlyn Rust (Johanna), Ed Mout (Toby) and Dustin Lucas (Beadle Bamford) rolled in here this morning on 30 minutes’ notice to speak with Derrick Ward of NBC4. Their brief interviews should run as part of a weather story (It’s hot, y’all!) on this evening’s news at
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-18

Friday 7/22 – 2:45 am Overnight Tech Call: Hour 3 Temp: 81 Two years ago, we did Boheme at this theatre, on an epically beautiful night in August.  At the end of a day when the high temperature was lower than the low temperature will be tonight. Sigh. This is where I exit. The crew
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-19

Friday 7/22 – 1:27 am Overnight Tech Call: Hour 2 Temp: 82 Production Stage Manager Beth at her console, keeping me company on stage right as I try to type up notes for my pre-performance discussion tomorrow night. (Oops… later today…) Pre-performance discussion: 7:15pm at the log cabin, near the Encore Circle tent. I will
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Sweeney Live Blog: T-20

Friday 7/22 – 12:31 am Beginning of overnight tech call Temp: 85 It’s cooling down in the house. The bugs are coming out, though (they must have been waiting until the heat abated, shaking their heads about the poor fool mortals who were out there working all day), and the smell of Deep Woods Off
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