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The Inspector Takes Boston!

Exactly a year ago today, we were shepherding The Inspector (Wolf Trap’s 2nd commissioned opera) toward its opening night on April 27. So it’s fitting that this weekend, John Musto & Mark Campbell’s fabulous comic opera lands in Boston, in a cast that features two Wolf Trap alums (Victoria Livengood and Jake Gardner). Get yourself
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Boston Part 3: More Inspecting to Come!

Before I left Boston on Friday, I paid a quick visit to the office of Boston Lyric Opera. In a lovely bit of synchronicity, the city that is home to the studio that recorded and engineered our upcoming Inspector CD is the same place that will host that opera’s second production. The Inspector opens April
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Making the Magic

I took the commuter plane to Boston this morning.  My fellow travelers were rocking their suits and heels, but I was happily clad in jeans. Dress code for recording studios is blessedly relaxed, and I get to spend my day helping producer Blanton Alspaugh* and composer John Musto make the magic. We’re at Soundmirror in
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Inspector in the Rear View Mirror

Now that was something. And just like that, it’s over. Years of writing, tweaking, editing, workshopping; and a few short weeks of rehearsing and performing. After tonight’s recording patch session (iPhone photo at left), and tomorrow’s load out to Boston Lyric Opera, we let go and let fly. And move on to three more operas
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The Washington Post has run a preview piece on The Inspector.  I’m happy to see a light shone on this wonderful new opera and the Wolf Trap Foundation’s commitment to supporting the creative spirit!  (I do end up sounding like a bit of a plucky frontier wife, with my “can-do” attitude, but I won’t complain.
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The Inspector: Final Dress

Dress rehearsal: Done, done and done. Lots of laughs, not always at the places and of the durations we expected. Another week of previews and we should be able to get the timing just right :)

24 Hours in the Life of a New Opera

So you want to produce a new opera? Do you hanker after the artistic satisfaction that comes from shepherding a work of art from creation to performance? Ever wonder how the magic happens? Come along for the ride. Thursday, April 21 2:30pm: Check in on orchestra reading.  All on track. 2:40pm: Learn that one of
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INSPECTING: Meet Beatrice

The Mayor’s daughter was ecstatic about escaping Santa Schifezza for college. Unfortunately, it only took a year for her mother to realize that her daughter was growing up, learning to think for herself, and developing ideas of her own. Beatrice was yanked out of school and is suffocating back in her parents’ house. She prays
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INSPECTING: Meet Sarelda

An ambitious woman. Married to an influential and ambitious man. She has many political echos in our own time – on both sides of the aisle, as we say here in the capital of the free world. (Although many of the woman of whom she reminds me are prominent in our own time, I love
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