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An Honor to be Nominated. No, Really.

We have the great privilege of going to LA for the GRAMMYs this weekend!  The Volpone recording nomination (one of 5 in the category of Best Opera Recording) meant that Wolf Trap, as the record label, was able to get a few tickets for the ceremonies.  (GRAMMYs are for artists on the recording, and even
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The Long View

I sat for an interview last week, and a typical question came up: “What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in your career?” How coincidental that this interview came right after our recent oh-so-sweet GRAMMY news. For the fight for this Volpone recording was probably the biggest hurdle I’ve had to clear, at
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Scrappy & Outrageous

It’s been a bit of a wild ride over the last few days, as last week’s GRAMMY news eclipsed much of business as usual. We are working overtime to choose and cast next summer’s operas, and I haven’t forgotten my promise to post the list of most-offered arias during November’s audition tour. [UPDATE: These are
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John Musto’s & Mark Campbell’s Volpone, recorded live at The Barns in 2007 and issued by Wolf Trap Recordings, has been nominated for a Grammy! Buy it here, buy or download here; or download from iTunes!