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The Aria List

Interested in which arias are being offered in our auditions? We’ve compiled lists for each voice type. This year, we’re hearing 148 sopranos, 65 mezzos, 3 countertenors, 49 tenors, 60 baritones, and 20 basses.Each singer must offer 4 arias for the audition. (For us, the list must include one aria by Mozart or Handel.) It’s

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New York City

A word to the wise auditioner: be careful about what you say “outside the room”. First of all, it’s good business and good manners to conduct yourself professionally even after the audition room door closes. And second, you never know when someone outside the room is really a company “insider”… Advice: A rash of long,

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Vienna, VA

Lucky is the singer who is assigned a morning audition spot. Really! The committee is rested, ears and minds are fresh, and the day is full of possibility! Truth is that few artists love singing in the a.m. (according to one of my favorite baritones, “There is no art before noon”). Singers really aren’t a

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