Day 37: Know Before You Go #1 – Who Are These Ghosts?

Ghosts of Versailles visual-002

Today, the first in a series of short posts that will get you ready for The Ghosts of Versailles, a few easily digestible paragraphs at a time. The “Ghosts” of the title include Marie Antoinette, her husband King Louis XVI of France, and several of their aristocratic friends. The writer/musician Beaumarchais* – another ghost – is in love with Marie Antoinette,

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Day 36: Baritone Will Liverman in the Artist Spotlight


During the 2015 season, the blog will feature interviews with our Filene Young Artists. Today, we hear from baritone Will Liverman, Beaumarchais in The Ghosts of Versailles. Which experience(s) most influenced your decision to become a professional singer? What’s the earliest point in your life that you can identify in pointing you in this direction? The moment

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Day 35: Bouncing, Throwing, and Running*

Master Class

The Master Class phenomenon is a “thing” in the classical music world. In its best incarnation, an experienced and acclaimed artist works publicly with a young musician, and the assembled audience gets to peek behind the curtain and learn something about how a successful performance is constructed. And when handled with respect for both the

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Day 34: Ciao, Figaro


Two unrelated slightly fatigue-laced observations on this closing night of a production that encompassed lots of personal bests and 4 enthusiastic sold-out houses. First, a nomenclature dilemma. There has been a refreshing sense of immediacy and connection with the stage throughout this whole run, and it’s another reminder of how opera in a human-sized space is

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Day 33: Master Class on Sunday!


Tonight, I write to encourage you to check out Michelle DeYoung’s master class this Sunday afternoon. As much as we all love listening to the finished product in operas and concerts, having a chance to peek behind the curtain and see how singers really put together and polish their performances always gives music lovers a

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Day 32: Doodlissimo


It’s my day off (hallelujah!), so today’s post is of a suitably recreational nature. :) We’ve recently learned that Coloring Isn’t Just for Kids. It can help adults combat stress. Who knew? And since the process of being a young professional opera singer in a young artist program can be stressful, we decided to strew our artists’ waiting/studying areas

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Day 31: The Centennial Comes Early


There are many reasons that WTO is a well-oiled machine, not the least of which is that my colleague Lee Anne and I share a birthday. (Well, the date, not the year…) June 21. First day of summer. Longest day of the year. Almost always overrun with opera. Since June 21 is a double birthday – and

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Day 30: Soprano Melinda Whittington in the Artist Spotlight


During the 2015 season, the blog will feature interviews with our Filene Young Artists. Today, we hear from returning artist soprano Melinda Whittington, Marie Antoinette in The Ghosts of Versailles. Can you tell us an anecdote or story from your training or career so far that will give us insight into what makes you tick as an artist?

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Day 29: Always Learning

Professional Dev

4 recent chances for professional growth: clockwise from bottom right: This Monday morning featured another seminar in our professional development series. Sean Michael Gross of 21C Media Group spoke to our young artists on the topic of “The 21st Century Singer: What You Need to Know about PR and Digital Media.” For now more than

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Day 28: Administrative Menu for a Sunday in June


First, an appetizer of schedule planning for the week ahead: Who picks up whom from which airport, how we split opera and NSO duty next weekend (Emanuel Ax! Audra McDonald!) and when each of us can stay home for a few hours so we don’t all get burnt out at the same time… Pictured above: Palate cleanser –

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