Auditions: Hallway Strategies

Outside the Audition Room

You are right to be primarily concerned with what happens inside the audition room. But I encourage you to extend your professionalism to the people and situations outside the door. Trash Talk Singers don’t overtly try to get inside each others’ heads the way professional athletes do, but there are mind games outside the room. Most artists

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Auditions: Pacing, Props and Proximity

The Audition Room

We find that singers worry endlessly about the extent to which they can move in an audition situation. A few thoughts from the other side of the table: Should You “Block” Your Aria? Well strictly speaking, no. You shouldn’t perform your audition in the same way you would approach a staged performance. But the exercise

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Trappers on Fleet Street

Trappers in SFO Sweenet

Above, clockwise from upper left: Brian Mulligan as Sweeney Todd, Elizabeth Futral as the Beggar Woman, Heidi Stober as Johanna, Stephanie Blythe as Mrs Lovett, and Matthew Grills as Toby. Photos courtesy San Francisco Opera. What a pleasure it was to see these 5 former WTO singers on stage at San Francisco Opera on Tuesday

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Our West Coast Family

Auditions in LA

Above: In the LA Opera audition room with Stephanie Rhodes (guest panelist), Joshua Winograde (LA Opera) and Jeremy Frank (pianist) Opera is a Big Thing, but the opera industry is a surprisingly small network of interconnected families. We’re in Los Angeles this week, and every time we come here, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion feels more and

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Stairwells & Socks

The Wikisinger

There are many steps to putting on my audition ears. Spotify-surfing through my favorite recordings is only part of the process. I also have to remember how difficult it is to compare different voices in different acoustics. To wit, consider these extreme ends of the spectrum… 1. The Bathroom/Stairwell Singers initially love the fact that

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Rocking the Audition Look

What not to wear to your audition

Having just packed a carry-on suitcase for the first 2.5 weeks of travel in 4 cities with 3 different climates, I am in a particularly empathetic place with you singers who are trying to decide what to wear for auditions. If you’re staring at your closet trying to figure out what to strut during your audition, I

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AuditionHack: Video Edition

Close-up of video camera lens

A guest post from Lee Anne Myslewski, Director of the Wolf Trap Opera Studio. This is the first year that we’ve asked for video files for the Studio applications. They’re not required, but I’m heartened to see that so many people have them, and that they’re largely quite good! I’m only about halfway through the

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Audition Season 2015: The Conversation

2014-10-07 15.58.54

OK, singers, this is the time of year when the blog turns the full force of its attention on you. Yes, my friends, it’s audition season. We’ve been reviewing audition applications for 3 weeks now, and we’re almost done. (Final deadline – for auditions in PA and VA – is tomorrow, September 18.) But for you,

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West Coast, We’re Coming For You!

Audition for 2016

Want to apply for a Wolf Trap Opera audition in California? Better hurry; the deadline is next week (August 27)! We’ll be coming to Los Angeles on September 28 and San Francisco on October 2. The application process is free this year, and you can find everything you want to know here. OK, now go back to enjoying

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Ciao, Summer 2015

Our young artists have already departed for wherever their next adventures take them – places like Los Angeles, Zurich, New York, Houston, Phoenix, Berlin, Washington and more. Over 10,000 audience members enjoyed our 2015 season operas and concerts, and I hope you were among them. Lee Anne, Morgan and I are taking a couple of

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