Save the Dates!


We are in the midst of planning a knock-out 2015 season, and I can’t wait to share the news at the end of January. In the meantime, even though repertoire and casting details for next summer aren’t available yet, I am happy to share our performance dates for your consideration as you plan your opera festival and

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All I Want for Christmas is Some Aria Stats…


OK, you’ve all been very very good this year, so Santa is bringing you exactly what you wanted. That’s right – this fall’s ARIA FREQUENCY LISTS are finally uploaded. Head on over to the Aria page if you are nerdy enough to want to compare this year’s against previous seasons’ lists. Or just scroll down to

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We Are Ten

On November 3, this little blog turned 10 years old. I’ve overshot the birthday celebrations by an entire month, but they’ve had to take a back seat to the frenzied assemblage of our 2015 season. (Announcement not forthcoming until the end of January, but I’ll get some save-the-date information out before Christmas.) Today, a look

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End of the Road

We’re home at The Barns, and I continue to fall down on the blogging job. :( The fatigue is increasingly overwhelming as we push toward the audition tour finish line tomorrow at 6pm! Of course, the finish line is just another term for the starting gate for the repertoire and casting process. Wish us luck as we

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Halloween Hodgepodge

I’m on audition hiatus for a weekend, visiting my son in Seattle (where the Halloween costumes on Capitol Hill are quite entertaining:)) It’s been over a month since my last day away from either audition arias or recital prep, and I am overdue for a recharge. Many are the reasons for which I look forward to our

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High Risk Arias!

Our Chicago week was spent in a lovely room with natural light at Pianoforte Studios on S. Michigan. The staff was terrific, the acoustics was blessedly neutral, and we were surrounded by keyboard instruments. (There’s a Grotrian Steinweg under wraps in the far right corner of the photo; it’s the twin of my piano at

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Our Box

A silly post, to occupy us as we try to escape Cincinnati. (Booked on one flight, standby on another, delayed on both, waited on the tarmac, now have been banished back to the terminal…) Having failed at trying to get here by plane, we embarked on a 8-hour road trip. Tried to rent a small

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‘Nati Road Trip!

Cincinnati auditions came and went, in a whirlwind 2.5 days. Our 5:30am departure for the airport on Saturday morning (following this absolutely beautiful Friday night concert that Lee Anne booked) turned into the beginning of a road trip, as our flight into CVG was cancelled, and no others were available to get us into town

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NYC Days 3 & 4: Short List! Food!

Today, the first look at the operas that have ended up on the first iteration of our “short list” of possible rep for 2015. But first, doughnuts!!! These landed in our room this morning, thanks to our every-thoughtful auditions monitor. The Doughnut Plant is just a few blocks south. (I’m so sad that I know that

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