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The Inspector Hits the Interwebs!

Our live recording of the 2011 premiere of The Inspector was available for purchase this past summer at Wolf Trap. And now…. it’s available online at and iTunes! The recording is a fabulous audio snapshot of the excitement and energy that filled The Barns during the premiere, captured here in NPR Classical’s review: “I

The Inspector Takes Boston!

Exactly a year ago today, we were shepherding The Inspector (Wolf Trap’s 2nd commissioned opera) toward its opening night on April 27. So it’s fitting that this weekend, John Musto & Mark Campbell’s fabulous comic opera lands in Boston, in a cast that features two Wolf Trap alums (Victoria Livengood and Jake Gardner). Get yourself

Inspector in the Rear View Mirror

Now that was something. And just like that, it’s over. Years of writing, tweaking, editing, workshopping; and a few short weeks of rehearsing and performing. After tonight’s recording patch session (iPhone photo at left), and tomorrow’s load out to Boston Lyric Opera, we let go and let fly. And move on to three more operas

The Inspector: Final Dress

Dress rehearsal: Done, done and done. Lots of laughs, not always at the places and of the durations we expected. Another week of previews and we should be able to get the timing just right :)

The Inspector, Scene 5: Municipal Mayoral Day!

In the village square, after the Santa Schifezza anthem is mangled, the Mayor enters and announces he will be accepting a position in Rome and that their daughter is engaged to The Inspector. Bobachina and Bobachina stumble on with startling news. They have opened and read Tancredi’s letter to his mother. He is not an

The Inspector, Scene 4: Ciao Mamma, Ciao Pappa

Municipal Mayoral Day, the next morning. The Mayor and Sarelda are both now convinced that Tancredi will offer the Mayor an important post in the new regime. But, just to secure the deal, they ask Beatrice to “be friendly” to Tancredi, a notion that inexplicably offends their daughter. As the Mayor and Sarelda prepare for

The Inspector, Scene 3: Flirtation, Celebration, Suspicion

At Villa Corrizone, the Mayor’s wife Sarelda prepares for “Inspector” Tancredi’s visit and dresses down her daughter Beatrice (at left, literally trapped in Santa Schifezza) for not dressing up for him. Beatrice, silly thing, is more concerned about a certain dictator’s rise in Italy. Cosimo enters ahead of Tancredi, and Sarelda extracts information from him,

The Inspector, Scene 2: White Lies

At the hotel, Cosimo and Tancredi also bemoan their dreary existence in Santa Schifezza and the circumstances that have stranded them there, lira-less, on their way to Palermo. A knock at the door. The Mayor enters. Tension. Cosimo and Tancredi are terrified of the Mayor because they believe he’s there to arrest them for not

The Inspector, Scene 1: Damage Control

It’s a tough morning for the Mayor of Santa Schifezza. The town anthem is being rehearsed in preparation for tomorrow’s Municipal Mayoral Day—a day he instituted in honor of himself—and it sounds awful. But worse, far worse, he learns that an inspector from Rome may soon be visiting his town, incognito, undermining the very way